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which monitor is better... HP ZR24w 24-inch S-IPS LCD or HP LP2475w 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor. Work is mostly for printed material.. I am concerned about clarity of text on screen.
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  1. Why on earth are you looking at HP? they are extra-ordinarily over charged monitors:
    Try this:
    Its big, its got full hd, its cheaper, its clear, and best of all its energy effiecient... 23"
  2. Unless GG works for HP.....
  3. Thx for reminding me why I've refrained from joining these forums previously. Neither of you were any help.
  4. Maybe the Dell U2410? colors are good and sharpness is top-notch IMO.

    Though the "real difference" between a monitors sharpness may relate more to the graphics card. While its"clarity" have to do more with the brightness/contrast/color settings, glossy/matte and personal preference over panel quality, so Id suggest you to find a store that stocks them and see it in real life..
  5. Either way, there is not reason for you to be looking at expensive IPS LCD monitors. You will find a clear monitor under $200.

    Actually, I find it odd you say clear for text as all monitors I have seen that are current are clear for text.
  6. thank you Timop and Enzo ... I will definitely hit a store and look more closely for myself whether or not LCD's truly offer clear & crisp text. I currently still work on a CRT monitor which I love, but it is starting to take a crap on me. Was under the impression LCD monitors do not really compare on text with the CRT monitors which is why I was considering the higher-end model as my replacement.
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