AMD CPU with nVidia GPU?

I know that AMD works better with ATI GPUs but as of now I bought a gt 240 for $59 and I have an athlon ii x4 630.. will this work out fine? will there be conflict?? Anyone know?
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  1. that should work fine with no problems. The GPU doesn't really care what CPU is there as long as its got enough power to run it, and the AthlonII x4 will be plenty for a GT240. Enjoy:-)
  2. You know AMD work better with ATI? Jesus Christ I didn't, astonishing.
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    i have had several AMD CPU and several Nvidia and ATI cards, the Nvidia and ATI cards worked with no issues. The CPU had no preference of ATI or Nvidia.
  4. Ah got it.. misconception on my part ;D
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