Keyboard and mouse don't work

Yesterday I was unistalling kaspersky internet security. after reboot mouse and keyboard don't work. I have KB on PS/2 and mouse on USB.
KB works in BIOS.
I tried different mouses and keyboards, different ports. nothing.
Then I tried to restore registry by windows xp restore consol via CD. first I switched files sam, security,system, default, software, reboot and mouse and KB work, but as you know other thigs are mess. This is the first step, in second step i picked files system, security etc from restore folder from date when PC was working fine. And mouse and kb don't work. Then I tried again, this is time I taked older files from restore, and still have no control.
On other hard drive, I have win 8, which I install few month ago to test. I booted this system and mouse na KB works on win 8.
What I have to do to regain control of Windows XP mouse and keyboard. By win 8 I have access to most files ? Please help. I cant format cause I using program keepass in with I have encryped passwords to everythink. like facebook, gmail, blogger, youtube, bank accounts etc and it is set that database works only on this windows user account (xp) even if I copy database to win 8, it will not give me access.
Jesus, you have to help me please.. I spend over 15h in search for solution, and nothing.
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  1. Put in the XP CD and do a repair install? I really don't know what could happen to your OS install that you would lose such basic input when the hardware is known to be working.

    I home that you have backups.
  2. I did but during repair mouse and keyboard don't work so I can't finish instalation, becuase I can't click.
  3. That's interesting. They work in Win8, but not when you boot from the XP CD? Got me stumped; sorry.
  4. I know.. I also noticed (before trying to repair partion with xp) when I turned down PC via power button, after computer turned down, the keybord was still on. like num lock, lights and I could turn on computer by hitting any key on kb. I disabled this option in bios but that doesn't changed a thing. I assume that this is the problem, it shouldn't do that. And by trying to repair partion with xp I only damaged the computer (no win 8 in boot menu) and xp can't finnish the repair.
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