Brand new computer, broken 2 cpus.

Hello, got a rather tricky problem.
I bought parts for a new computer and put it together myself, once finished and started the computer for the first time the CPU_LED light was on with a constant bright red color.
The computer would not boot, and my screen would not get any connection to the computer. I read and tried everything on the guied for this exact problem untill giving up and shipping the computer back to the store so they could check what was wrong.
Two weeks and 35€ later, they said the problem was fixed, the CPU was completly broken and they replaced it with a new one.

Once i got home i started the computer and everything seems to be working, so i start installing windows 7 on the comp. After about 10 mins of installing the computer shuts down, when i boot the computer, the CPU_LED light burns brightly red again, and nothing works.

So thats my problem, something in my brand new computer is breaking brand new CPU's. When i called the store i bought my computer from and explained the problem, they didn't have a clue why my CPU's keep breaking. I'm guessing something is frying up the CPU, i just have no ide what could be doing it.

Computer parts:
CPU: Intel Core i5 750, 2.66GHz, LGA1156, 8MB, Boxed.
Motherboard: Asus P7P55D, LGA1156, P55, DDR3, Crossfire X, ATX
RAM: Kingston HyperX 2x2GB, DDR3 1600 MHz, CL9
PSU: CoolMaster 650W GX, ATX-Power supply, 80Plus
Graphics card: Ati Radeon HD 5850 DirectCU, 1GB GDDR5, HDMI/DVI/V
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  1. I will assume the parts you have are functional first. Just out of curiosity, did you put the little screw in risers on the case before installing the motherboard? If so, the motherboard may be grounding on the case. This is a noob problem, and since you say you have no idea what you are doing, and you are frying things unknowingly, I ask. Please don't be offended that I ask, it happens to many folks.

    Also, make sure all the power plugs you have are correctly connected to the components. One other common mistake is the floppy drive. You don't have one listed but maybe you have one. The pins from the PSU to the floppy can be forced to be backwards in some cases. Red cable should be closest to the data ribbon on IDE and floppy connections.

    If you have failed parts, I would assume the PSU. If you can, get the PSU tested. If you can't purchase one that you can return, and try with that one. Realize that you can take the whole works out and damage chips with a failed PSU, and you may need to get new stuff once more.

    Very unlikely, but possible - it's the motherboard. Another thing to test.

    It's hard to narrow down these problems, since there are a few variables to test at once, and most people don't have testing hardware. If your retailer can test the components individually for you, that's the best course.
  2. Another suggestion, reset the motherboard by removing power chord, removing motherboard battery, then press the power button. Then put the battery back in. Once you've done this, check to see if you have properly have set up your bios, updating the date and time, and make sure it is recieving all your hardware! I know because I've done this before, my very first build.
  3. Yeah i do have the screws under the motherboard installed, i read the whole: post, and did every single check i could do there.
    And when i sent it to the store i bought it from, they tested every single component, and came to the conclusion only the CPU was faulty, which they replaced then.
  4. Is the cooler installed correctly?

    Though there's a chance its a faulty PSU.
  5. I doubt for $35 they did anything extensive. Go back and have them fix it for free - whoever 'they' are.
  6. Also you might have misunderstood, didn't mean i don't know anything about putting comps together. I mean i have no ide why Brand new CPU's get fried, destroyed when i start my computer.
    And i extremly much doubt any part/piece is installed wrong, when i sent it to the store they checked that everything is fine and assembled it themselfs to make sure nothing was installed wrong
  7. ^ Or anything at all...
  8. Well for the 35€ they allready gave me a new 220€ CPU, as the last one got fried.
    I really appriciate all the help so far btw :) , but as i said in the beginning this is a tricky problem, the store i bought it from were really confused about it.
    And btw i am going to drive it back to the store on monday, they said it will be free of charge this time and they allready ordered a new PCU and motherboard to check again if they were broken.
  9. new CPU, not PCU*
  10. Alright, I would test the psu for proper voltage outputs. Its very rare but psu's have fryed cpu's through poor construction and/or poor product control.
  11. Yeah i'm guessing its the PSU or motherboard that is causing my CPU's to die, althought when i spoke on the phone with the store they asked if i plugged the power cord trought some kind of connectors causing the energy surges, but i've been useing the same power output for 3 years on my old comp without problems.

    And should have mentioned, the 35€ is just a mandatory starting fee, the price goes up depening what the issue is, and as it turned out the CPU was broken no extra fee was added
  12. Is it possible the board as one of those faulty foxconn sockets that were frying overclocked processors last fall with ease? Perhaps this one is so faulty it's killing any processor plugged in?
  13. Yeah might be, I did take the processor Chip out and checked the socket, everything seemed to be fine there thought.
    But atleast I havn't heared before of a new motherboard killing a new CPU within 10 minutes, specially when the motherboard and CPU should fit perfectly with eachother.
  14. But thats under high-voltages and would leave a visible burn mark..
  15. Hmm Both CPUs looked perfectly fine. When i got my computer back from the store after sending it there to get checked, they said they tried the CPU on a different motherboard and that it was completly dead.
    I guess the question is, what causes CPU's to die after running for 10 minutes and leave no visible damage.
  16. Could be they accidentally got some TIM in the socket and potentially killed it?
  17. Could be, but it doesn't seem likely to me that the computer would boot at all and let me start installing windows, even for just 10 mins before the CPU died again.
  18. Could be power surges or that your house has some wierd voltage/frequency.

    I'd probably try to RMA the motherboard as well this time. Might be a slightly broken cap or something causing voltage fluctuations, otherwise I would have to think it's the PSU.
  19. Yeah, as i said earlier the store already ordered a new motherboard too as they now suspect it might be causeing the problems.
    Well i guess i'll just have to wait untill i've shipped the computer back to the store and they try and see what the problem is.
    I'm guessing they will get to the bottom of the problem this time. Even if they probably have some kind of warranty for broken components it can't be profitable to now have a second broken CPu they have to replace.
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