Upgrade Video or CPU?

My system:
9800 GT 512mb
Amd Athalon II 7750 2.7 Ghz dual core
650 Watt PSU
640 GB Hard Drive
780g MoBo

I have 250$ to spend on something.

I was wondering what I should upgrade to get maximum performance in games.

The component(s) must be within the 250$ range and I would prefer to upgrade the processor or video card unless there is something I dont already know about that could increase performance.

The component(s) should be quiet if possible and its alright if they are lightly used/refurbished if they are a lower price at some online retailer.

Also if any of you have a component under 250$ and are willing to sell it to me for a lower than retail price, that may be an option as well.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.
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  1. Thought I might add that I have a 22 inch 1920x1080 monitor
  2. You could probably even afford to upgrade both CPU and GPU if you dont want top of the line components. Not too familiar with AMD sockets, but I have seen bundles for triple core AMD + mobo for 80$, or quad for about 100. Combine that with a 5770 GPU for a total cost of about 250 or maybe a bit more depending on tax
  3. ^+1...

    AMD Athlon II X3 440 - $80 US
    XFX HD 5770 - $160 US

    This granted you motherboard supports the X3 440. I would go with the a XFX 5770 no matter what direction you take.
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