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Basically my computer turned off on me last night and when i tried to turn it back on it would begin to start up for about a second then do nothing for around 5 seconds and repeat the process. So from looking on this sight i figured it might be the power supply, but I had a working power supply from another computer and tried that and it fixed nothing.

So I was just unplugging and plugging in trying to figure out the problem and I found that when i unplug this plug on the top of the motherboard the computer will start up. As soon as i plug it back in the computer it turns off and does the same thing.

I dont know my computer terms very well so sadly i dont know what this plug is called so I took a picture of it (its the white one) and any help on what i should do or what the problem might be would be appreciated.

I tried to code the image but it was just giving me an error so here is the link

If already posted somewhere, I am sorry I looked around for quite a long time finding nothing, thanks.
gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l motherboard
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  1. It is your CPU power plug (4-pin ATX) on your motherboard. It seems very odd to me that it'll work without it being plugged in.
  2. okay thanks, but yea everything comes on but nothing comes up on my screen.
  3. It seems like you might have a CPU issue, since it is related to the plug. When it tries to power on with the CPU getting power, nothing happens. When you try without the plug in, it wants to boot but can't with a CPU. Do you have another CPU to try?

    Also, do you have your CPU fan plugged into the CPUFan slot on the motherboard (didn't look like it from the pic. )
  4. Yea i have another CPU on my other computer I guess I will try to swap it out and see waht happens. And yes i do have a fan plugged into the fan slot but it wasnt plugged in at the time i took the pictures, thanks for your help.
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