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I'm building a new computer. I'll be using the amd Phenom II 955 for the cpu. I was planning on getting this GeForce GTS 250 but I'll be getting Windows 7 (64) and in the specs for this card Windows 7 isn't listed. :( So, I'm now considering a different card. And, I was also told that ATi cards work best with AMD. Is this true? And which Ati card is equivalent to the Nvidia one in terms of spec and price?

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  1. 4850 ~ GTS250 but the 4850 costs around $80, or about $40 less than the GTS250
  2. I wouldn't worry too much about AMD with ATI or Nvidia- they won't make much difference (though its harder to find an SLI chipset for AMDs than crossfire chipsets). As for the GTS250- it should work fine in windows 7, but you can probably get an ATI 4850 for less, or get a 5750/5770 for only a little more. The 4850 and 5750 are prety much equal in performance, though the 5750 can do DX11, which the other two can't. It will also be a little more expensive than the 4850. I don't know as much about prices in the UK, but here in the US, the 4850 is cheapest, the 5750 is generally a bit more, but closer in price to the GTS250. The 5770 is a bit more expensive, but a bit faster, and is generally the best performance for the price.
  3. cheers guys. I'm willing to match the price of the nvidia so I'm currently looking at the ati 5750. but one thing I may want to do in the future is hook up a ps3. Not sure yet on how to do that exactly but I'm guessing the Graphics card will need something :?
  4. Actually- if you are planning on hooking up a PS3, you'll probably be hooking it straight to the monitor, in which case it doesn't matter what GPU you have. Not sure if there is some other way you plan on hooking it, but the PSU already has its own GPU and everything- all you need is the display. lol:-)
  5. thanks. I've actually just been reading about it but the monitor's i've looked at aren't dvi equipped :/ nor do I know if they're hdcp compliant...difficult business putting a computer together...
  6. Lol. If they don't have DVI- what do they have? HDMI? If so, then you'll just need a DVI to HDMI adapter, which often comes with the card (plus most versions of the 5750 have HDMI ports on them.
  7. well, in the specs for the monitor under connectivity it says:

    analogue x1
    dvi n/a
    hdmi n/a
    display port n/a

    but then where does the gfx card come into it? I thought the gfx card was irrelevant. Or, I spend more money and buy a monitor with dvi connectivity...
  8. You can connect it with VGA, but of course if you want to see blu ray movies you won't get that high quality goodness making it pointless compared to cheaper DVDs. Spend a little more and buy a monitor with DVI input. There's no point in spending good money on a gaming computer and hooking it up to a crappy monitor that you're not going to like.
  9. You probably want to spend a little more for a display with DVI or HDMI inputs. You can use VGA, but that'll require a DVI-VGA adapter (should come with the card) but yeah.
  10. Alright, I'm fine with spending a little extra and getting dvi capability, but most don't come with hdmi - should i consider spending more for hdmi too or is it unnecessary? Also, one more, I at first was just going to get a 19" screen, would this be adequate for 3d applications, games, and a connected ps3? or should I up the ante and go for either a 20" or a 22"?
  11. HDMI is really unnecessary- DVI is fine.
    Screen size is really personal preference. It doesn't really matter that much. I love my current 23", but I was also very happy for a long time with my 17" 1280x1024 screen. More screen real estate is always nice, but its up to your budget and what you feel the need for.
  12. Always go for a monitor with at least DVI input. Anything else is a waste. Seeing that your board is an AMD, buying an ATi card is a good way to go.

    Enjoy your machine and happy gaming.
  13. Thanks for the help. :D
  14. No prob, and good luck:-)
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