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Hi guys, I hope this is the right area to ask for help/advice. So lately, maybe the past month or so, my computer display goes black, and my computer freezes up. I have narrowed down the problem to something with the video card, as it has 2 red lights on them after crashing. Now I did some research and I believe the problem is related to the power connectors. Either the connectors arent getting enough power from my PSU, or they are somehow defective.

So basically I have to figure out if I need to replace the PSU or the GPU (both still under warranty). The problem is the PC crashes randomly and dont really have a way to simply try a different PSU. For example, it just crashed today after like 2 weeks of no problems. Today it crashed while playing Starcraft 2 on Ultra/High settings, while other days it crashes when just idling. And I am pretty sure its not an overheating problem, as I have never seen the temp go up to critical temps. Here is my build..

8gb XMS2 DDR2-800 Ram
512mb Asus 4870 Dark Knight OC to 825/1000
Corsair vx550w PSU
2 Harddrives, I believe both 5400
1 DVD Drive
1 PCI wireless card
2 fans, 120mm and 140mm
Asus Arctic Cooler CPU cooler

This build is actually over a year old, made in Feb 09 I believe. I had no problems running L4D/L4D2 (although lower FPS than expected), so it's not like its never had any stress on it. I dont recall if the problem started before or after SC2...

Thanks for any help, really confused on what I should do at this point.
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  1. Reseat your GPU and GPU power ... If you have a 2nd GPU power cable/cnctr ... use that one.

    THEN ... if you can ... go to the ATi driver site and update your video drivers.

    That is a great (model) PSU and PLENTY for that card ... plenty. Not a likely suspect, however old.
  2. Will do. I was thinking maybe the PSU is just failing? How would I test that? I looked at the volatages in the bios and everything looks fine. Sadly I dont think I have any extra GPU power cables, this card already takes 2
  3. swap the cables ... just to make sure they get reseated ... pull the card and reseat that.

    ... If slot pins look oxidized, a #2 pencil eraser can rub them clean, but make sure no residue (bits of rubber) remains.

    ... GPU fan spins whenever PC is on, I hope.

    remove old drivers, completely, directories and all (run the uninstall or do it from control panel). ... Then go to the official driver page and dnld/reinstall.
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