How to reconnect a bluetooth to a different cellphone?

Hi Friends,

Just got a new cellphone, and planning to pair my old bluetooth to this new phone. Had disconnected the bluetooth from the old phone, but my new phone couldn't find this bluetooth during the set-up process. Does anyone knows the reason why? And how many different phones can a bluetooth be paired up in different times?

Thanks a lot,
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  1. You didn't list your bluetooth make/model. You can read your manual or download it from your manufacturer's web site. It will tell you how to put the headset into pairing mode. You may also need a 3 or 4 digit pin to pair it up. Most times the pin is just 000 or 0000.
  2. Make sure your devices are in "Discoverable Mode" Usually this mode shuts off after a certain amount of time so timing is important.
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