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Lately my Nvidia 8400 GS has been giving me quite some trouble in games. It seems whenever I play a game (MW2) within 10 or 20 minutes my screen will go black and my sound will either repeat or it will also stop working. The only way to get out of this is to hold down my power button on my computer and force it to shut down. I have a feeling it's over heating because when I put a small desk fan by my open computer case it seems fine (no black screen). I've checked the temps during gameplay and around the time the screen goes black the temp goes up to around 76 - 80 degrees. Is there a way I could increase my fan speed if it is over heating? Or is there something else wrong?

And yes, I've installed the latest drivers. :ange:
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  1. I'd assume it's the heat. The 8400gs is NOT meant for heavy gaming.
  2. I don't think MW2 is really "heavy gaming" especially at the settings I play it at. I've been able to play the game just fine for like a month without any problems. It's weird it started acting like this all of a sudden.

    Also shadow187 what would you suggest I do? The temps I mentioned above is with the case off. Could I replace the fan?
  3. Check whether the cooler on the card needs cleaning. Here is a utility to tweak the card http://downloads.guru3d.com/RivaTuner-v2.24c-download-163.html
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