H67 performance mode?

what does it actually do when you activate the green performance mode in EUFI bios EZ mode on h67 motherboard since h67 cant overclock i tried and my memory switched to 1376mhz??
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  1. what does it it overclock and how much it overclock it??
  2. anyone knows...?
  3. In the H67, beyond the fact that you cannot overclock also the CPU Turbo boost {i5 only/no TB i3} is limited as I recall to +4 vs +8 multipliers in the P67. The Green modes like EPU simply monitor and reduce power to everything connected when the load goes down or becomes idle.
  4. first this is not what i asked and second you CAN overclock a h67 i want to KNOW what it overclock when you set it to performance mode in the uefi bios?? bclock etc.....
  5. If it's Green Performance Mode it's likely a power-saving mode, not an overclocking mode.

    H67 boards were not made for overclocking. If you wanted to overclock the CPU, you chose the wrong board. The only thing you can really overclock is the processor graphics portion, and if you're using a discrete graphics card that doesn't do you any good.

    A listing of what your hardware is might be a bit more helpful than your last combative post, frak.

    Edit: By the way, reading the mainboard manual does wonders, frak. It would likely tell you what Green Performance Mode does.
  6. core i5 2500k
    p8h67-M EVO
    2 x 2gb mushkin enhanced ridgeback 1600mhz 6-8-6
    hd 6950 turn into 6970
    500gb hdd

    i do not want to overclock anything i accidently pushed the green performance mode and my memory was set at 1376 mhz when i activated that so i most likely have an overclock when you activate it just wanted to know EXACTLY waht it do i cant find it anywhere on web
  7. forgot 700watt ocz
  8. It is a faulty board , go for vandor to repaire your SATA PORT first , next only use lt in default condition becouse its repaired.
  9. Okay...

    Under EZ Mode in the System Performance section, there are three buttons.

    The first one is a Green energy saving mode. That under-clocks your CPU and RAM.
    The second one is a Blue normal mode.
    The third one is a Red "optimal" mode. That likely overclocks your CPU and RAM.

    The Green power saving mode isn't overclocking anything. It took your 1600MHz RAM and down-clocked it to 1376MHz.

    Go back in and select the Blue mode. That way you're at least getting normal performance from your system.

    Edit: I just downloaded the manual from the ASUS site, frak. It was easy to figure out from there.
  10. ok i activated the optimal mode
  11. and on h67 max mem is 1333mhz and i do not overclock...
  12. the optimal mode is still a green mode its a green overclocker only cause it overclock and activate EPU... i would like to know how much it overclock your system when you activate the green optimal mode
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    It's different for each system, frak. It auto-detects how far it can go based on your own setup.

    Edit: It can't go very far, as H67 boards can only overclock so much. You might get an extra 400MHz Turbo out of it. As a comparison, my 2500K (3.3GHz stock) CPU runs at 4.8GHz on a P67 board.
  14. ok i give up lol ill never get my answer
  15. kk thank you leaps from-shadow
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