I can't access one of my hard drives

I run Win 7 64 bit operating system, i have 2 black caviar and 1 blue hdd's all 1 GB. I have the boot sec setup on 1 HHD C black and a W7 32 bit installed there as backup system. I am using HDD E as main system 64 bit W7. I was in vacation and when i returned my comp had restarted by himself (possible electricity problem - i have power surge protection on the computer socket). After log in i could not start win from the E hdd. When started W7 from C HDD (the 32 bit one) I see the HHD E and i see it is NTFS file system but i have no possibility too access it i - i get a small window with the message "E:\ is not accessible. Access is denied." I can however run the defrag on it but cannot run the repairing tool as it says it cannot be accessed also. I have allot of important data on it so i would like not to format it yet ( i don't know if it would let me do that ). I would appreciate some advice if any of you have an idea how to fix this without losing the data. Thank you !
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  1. With the observation that the HHD's are 1TB
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