How to track sites visited by a friend

how can i know which sites are accessed by a friend of mine?
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  1. Why would you do this? That is a breach of privacy and trust.

    Besides...doing something like that would require knowledge of...well i'm just not going to tell you.
  2. all sites track you, this site has a lot of cookies dumped on your system as soon as you get here and soon after. makes me wonder if I actually find them all or not. but yes, really sleazy to spy on a "friend"....... kinda sounds like stalking.
  3. Sounds like your girl is cheating on you. Dude take it from me; you cant argue your way out of getting dumped, and the internet will not save your relationship.
  4. You have to figure that out yourself. I figured it out, but I am not telling you since it is quite a disturbing behaviour to actually do it.
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