Kingston ssd freezing windows boot

hi i hope you guys can help me with my litle headache

i recently bought a kingston ssd now v+ 200 240 gb ssd and its been running great untill last week where it starts freezing windows on first boot (during the windows starting and the windows logo should jump out) it freezes there and hdd led ligt constant and it stays there. after a reset it gives me 2 choises
repair windows and start normaly
i tryid repair and it sometimes sais io error during that.
if i try just start windows normal i start no problem

after reboot it will then again freez 1 time (i use reset button) reset and i get the 2 choises reapear.
so today i tryid fresh formatting and fresh installing windows but the problem is still there. i can get in to windows after resetting and after the first attemt and my system runes fine until i reboot.

is my ssd bad or??? plz help i realy want to make my pc work :S
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  1. Is your SSD on firmware version 501? Also try updating your motherboard BIOS to the latest version.
  2. my ssd and bios are up to date still at a loss where the fault is
  3. I also had issues with freezing using a SSD. When I first had the issue, there was no bios update to fix it. I had to remove the MB sata drivers, and use generic drivers which slowed it down a bit. This did provide a temp fix. Then MSI made the bios update for my board, and then I was able to update to the correct drivers. No more issues with freezing since then.
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