Getting OCZ Vertex 4 - 256 GB for the first time

Hello All,

I'm planning to get an SSD for my fresh new computer build. I've researched some and I think OCZ Vertex 4 - 256 GB is the best in terms of performance, reliability (I heard the Indilinx Controller solved many SF controller issues) and most importantly the price. I'll be building my computer with some of the specifications below:

Intel Core i7 - 3770 Processor
Asus P8H77 M-Pro Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance Dual Channel 1600 MHz 16GB (4x4) Memory Kit.

But here's the question: Since I'll be installing a fresh copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, how do I update the firmware of the SSD. I believe it is best to update the firmware first out of the box then boot Windows 7 installation from my bootable USB Flash Disk, and install the copy into the updated SSD.

But after researching some information, OCZ said that they can only update firmware on something called Toolbox and it runs on Windows. Even so, it is not supposed to be the drive that the windows is currently running on. So how do I update it if, 1. I don't have any Windows installed yet. and 2. There's only one drive running windows and I want to update the firmware regularly.

I don't mind destructive flash, since I did a regular System wipe and Windows reformatting and reinstallation on my ancient computer while still using HDD.

The last question is that, I heard that we shouldn't Full format an SSD, but having a Quick Format, instead. Why is that? Well since I'll be using it as a System Drive, I would only format it through Bootable Windows Installation. Is that still okay?

Thank you.

P.S I was also considering Corsair Force GT 240 GB, it's similarly priced but it's SandForce Controller. Which one of these two should I get?
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  1. Only update the firmware if you have a known issue.
  2. Uhh... that didn't help me since that's the first place I looked. From my understanding, you can only update the firmware through using Windows.

    My question was/is, If I want to install Windows 7 AFTER I updated my firmware, is there any other way to do it? Like updating motherboard BIOS, you know. You can do it on the BIOS itself and not just through Windows.

    I don't like having an equipment that is not Up-to-date while there are updates available. From what I understand, the firmware update will improve on the performance of the SSD while fixing some BSOD risks. So, even if I don't have an issue at the start, wouldn't that be just a ticking time bomb waiting to happen, and if that performance was low out of the box, wouldn't that be an issue already while the firmware update that improves that performance is already out there.
  3. OCZ even states to only update if you are having an issue.
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