I7 860 Problems: No Post

Hey everyone,

I just got my new PSU and i7. My computer seems to post with my old i3 installed, but not with the i7. I cleared the CMOS, and reseated my RAM, yet I get no post, errors, or display.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Go to your integrated graphics, sometimes when you clear CMOS it forgets that you want to use your card for primary graphics card to display.
  2. The 860 doesn't have integrated graphics. The issue seemed to be that I just needed to move my RAM to different slots. Now I'm seeing the Windows loading screen, but I'm guessing I need to repair Windows. Anyways.
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  3. Just as I thought: BSOD and restart between the loading and login screen. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm guessing I need to repair startup. Now to find my Win7 disk.
  4. Make sure you set up the bios... Set the time and date... Same thing happened on my first build, literraly, Installing win 7, bsod, set bios and then it ran nice and smooth.
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