4670 or 9600gt?

hello people,my old graphic card ( 7600 gt ) got fried today due to dust & fan lock..so i have to get a new card for my work(that is video editing & 3d animation;basic particles & 3d modelling )

my specs are
intel dual core e5200 2.5gHz
3gm ram
820gb Sata hdd.
and i have 19'' NEC multisync LCD ( 1280*1024)

so i have researched a lot today for 1gb ddr3 cards and finally came with these cards that fits my needs & budget(~$107),my currency is rupees so $1=84Rs. lol

so the cards are
ati radeon 4670

so anyone suggest me what should i get ?
my main programs are adobe after effects.premiere,3ds max,maya,photoshop.i must be getting quadro fx but for the time being i don't have money,ill upgrade it someday.

thanks a lot :)
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  1. The 9600GT has more performance but the HD4670 will do your tasks as well. Just get the cheaper one.
  2. um..4670 is cheaper in here for $89
    9600 gt,1gb at 256bits for $121

    i have 2 more, nvidia 240 gt,1gb for $128
    how about 9800gt ? it's for $125 but it is 512mb with 512 bus i guess.

    so i am going to get then.9600gt

    thanks again

    and i have heard a lot from artist that nvidia works well with workstation pc rather than ati
    & one more software package >*MAGIC BULLET LOOKS
  3. You will notice very little difference between those cards unless you are gaming. In performance order they are from best 9800GT>9600GT=240GT>HD4670 regardless of memory installed on the card.
  4. get a 4770 . very nice card
  5. the market's server is down at the moment i will check it by tomorrow whether 4770 is available or not,plus i am afraid of buying ati's card because i was reading an old article the guy had maya 2008 with 4670 and it lagged a lot.my gt 7600 had some issues while rendering.if something is running in the background for example one window is of premiere & the next one if firefox..i could see the progress bar and some patches of that render.i am not sure whether it got malfunctioned or not

    it boots the pc normally but when the windows xp logo come..some blue lines appear on Xp's text while the loading progress continues for seconds and then the display switches of and computer gets held.my friend says that my card's done or it is the problem with my pc.x slot.but when i removed that card.my pc is back to its life..currently running on-board intel gma 3100

    9800gt 512mb wit 256 bus is better than 1gb ddr3 128/256 bits 9600gt ?
  6. Yes the 9800GT is better. Cards in this performance category are not powerful enough to use 1GB of frame buffer (memory)
  7. ohh i used to use maya 2010 on ati 4770 from time to time. no problems there.
  8. so ill stick with 9800gt
    tell me the preference order,i have these 4 choices

    9800GT GeForce PCX 512MB (128-BITS) DDR3 INNO3D
    9800GT GeForce PCX 512MB (256-BITS) DDR3 EVGA
    9800GT GeForce PCX 512MB (256-BITS) DDR3 XFX
    9800GT GeForce PCX 1GB (256-BITS) DDR3 INNO3D

    & @ demonnn thanks but i have made up my mind for nvidia now.
  9. Get one of the last 3 preferably with a minimum clock of 600mhz (the 550MHz ECO/green are not as good) stay away from the 128 bit one it is crippled.
  10. you're talking about ramdac or gpu ?
  11. GPU core clock. They can be recognized as well by the ECO/green not needing a power connection.
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