HAF X + micro ATX board

I am going to buy a micro ATX motherboard with a HAF X , and the micro board being so small and the HAF X being so huge , I’m gonna need LONGER cables , so what cables should I buy ?! just in case .

This is my first time building a computer , so I dont know what cables to get .
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  1. The motherboard usually comes with a set of cables. Same with the PSU. The HAF X has plenty of cutouts for cable routing, and you will be able to manage just fine with the supplied cables.

    After you receive all your stuff, plan your connections and then decide what additional cables you may need. In the event you need some more cables, here are two good sources: http://www.cablesunlimited.com/ and this: http://www.cablestogo.com/aboutus/about.asp

    Sometimes it is easier and quicker to buy an odd cable from the local computer store such as MicroCenter, CompUSA, Fry's, etc
  2. Oh , thanks a lot .
  3. I forgot to mention that when you connect the SATA data cable, be sure to plug in the end with the retainer clip into the motherboard, and the end without the clip into the SATA device (HDD, Optical drive, etc). This is mentioned in most motherboard manuals.

    During assembly, remember to use an anti-static wrist band.

    This is a good reference: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/274745-31-step-step-guide-building

    Good luck!
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