Only need 128gb me determine SSD/HDD combo

I'm trying to get the most economical configuration of SSD and HDD for my first build (non-gaming productivity workhorse). I currently only have 50gb or so of OS (xp) and apps. Another 50 or 60 gigs of pics, videos, random files, etc.. I know win7 is bigger than xp, but I could probably afford to put a rarely used app or two on a storage drive if it came to that. With the way SSD prices are falling, I hate to pay for storage I don't need right now. Unless it is going to be a major pain juggling where all my files are stored, I'd think I'd rather get something small now and have money on the sidelines to buy a bigger drive when prices are lower. On the other hand, even if the cost of SSD's are cut in half this time next year, I'll still pay more than I would if I just went and got a bigger SSD today. I wouldn't have as much storage, but I'm not sure how much storage I'll need, especially 1Tb.

a.) 60gb SSD + 1Tb HDD= $113

b.) 128gb SSD + 1Tb HDD = $188-230

c.) 256gb SSD only = $200

d.) 60gb SSD + 1Tb storage + upgrade to 256gb at half current prices (hypothetical)= $213
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  1. I hope you're not making the mistake of thinking that all SSDs are created equal. Read some reviews.
  2. Thanks for the reply. No, I'm not making that mistake. Yes, the SSD I have in mind for my 60gb is a cheap OCZ Agility 3, but if I am looking to upgrade once prices come down it will only need to last a year or two. For option b., I am looking at Plextor M3S or Crucial M4. For option c., I am looking at a Plextor M3S, which has a major discount at Newegg right now.

    Aside from plan a., which is designed to be a temporary drive anyway, I am considering quality SSDs, from the reviews I have read.
  3. Wait for a deal. Newegg and amazon continually have 120GB SSDs for about $80 every other week or so. You can also get a 1TB HDD from amazon for $90 cutting the price you are paying down.

    Unless you plan on getting another SSD, a 60GB for boot will be annoying to say the least. Its so small that you wont be able to install as much as you want and it will get in the way of you using it. 128gb is a little better.
  4. I don't know if a 60 GB SSD is sufficient. For many people it is just enough for the OS (Win 7), and does not leave much room for anything else. With 120, or 128 there is room for some applications. Also if this is a temporary set-up I would think it would be better to finalize your OS(ssd) drive now, and get a temporary(maybe one you already have) data drive which can be upgraded easily later without having to re-install the OS.
  5. Here is a good deal on a 120 GB OCZ Agility 3.$69.99/?tag=cnetRiver

    They are not the fastest drives out there but I have 2 of these and am very happy with the performance I'm getting. And if you want to bother with the mail in rebate it drops the price from $69.99 to $59.99.
  6. Wow. That is a good deal. That is just a little more than what I had found for the 60gb Agility 3. Thanks for the link!

    I could get the 120gb drive and a cheap WD 1Tb drive for $128. And, with the included Acronis software I would have an image of the Agility 3 if it ever crapped out.

    Yeah, I imagine this move to SSD from my 9 year old HDD will kinda be like my move from standard def tvs to HDTV. Yeah, I know that 720p isn't the top of the line, but the jump from SD to HD is so huge you don't appreciate the small step from 720p to 1080p.
  7. Just wait until you start to see some 8k TV images. You think that 1080p is high def? You notice things in 8k that you dont even notice in real life.

    (Saw those 8k TVs at CES...Amazing.)
  8. long and short, the jump from HDD to SSD is very noticable, even with the lesser models.

    I'd recommend the 256 GB Crucial M4. 200 bucks gets you a highly reliable and highly rated (Toms has it at tier 3/10) SSD with enough space that you should be able to easily manage your data. If you feel pinched later, grab a 500 GB HDD after the prices drop more.

    If you're in a cash crunch, you could go for the 128gb Agility 3, incredible value right now, but performance is less than that (about 66%, if you look at the throughput numbers) of the 256 M4.

    Brass tacks, ANY SSD will impress you compared to an HDD, but there is a slightly noticable difference between the models' speed.
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