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Crackling and buzzing when playing direct x 10 games.

I've been playing my games, just fine, but when I play some games (crysis) in DX10 my speakers start buzzing and crackling... the buzzing occurs only when I'm in very graphic intensive parts of the game, and the crackling happens all the time... nothing like this happens in dx9, its just in 10... I was wondering if it could be my integrated sound card on my mobo, but im not sure, any ideas?

AMD ATHLON X2 6000+ @ 3.0GHZ
500W PSU
ATI HD5770
4GB RAM @ 667MHZ
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    I'm in very graphic intensive parts of the game, and the crackling happens all the time

    More than likely because your CPUs not able to process the sound quickly.
  2. This is VERY unusual. What is the brand and model of your psu? Just saying the wattage is never enough.
  3. 500w... cooler master
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  5. Martin 71 said:
    500w... cooler master

    Not the best of brands, and considering this only happens with Crysis DX10, chances are it's a driver issue or your CPUs lagging. Make sure the game,driver,etc are up to date.
  6. I think it's my cpu... one of the cores runs at max while the other runs at 70%... is there any way i can scale the game better? or can I reduce cpu usage
  7. i read online about people using 4800+ athlons, and they're using about 60-70% ive got the 6000+ and it runs at 98%
  8. Nope just ditch it and get a modern cpu. I had to just to be able to run 4 instances of wow or play second life.
  9. kkk im gonna get a new mobo and a phenom 2
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