Eco Friendly/6 pin 9800GT SLI

Hi all,

i have an ugly problem with an eco-friendly XFX 9800GT

I have it Sli'ed with a 6 pin connecter XFX 9800GT

Initially i thought this may be a sound/graphics issue,

But i believe to have found it as a 350/450 power issue and dont know what do about it?

Can anyone confirm that this is a common problem?

What should i do about it?
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  1. The ECO 9800GT could be trying to raise its clock to the XFX 9800GT, causing it to go over 75Watts of power.
  2. I guess what im really trying to ask is if there are any issues when trying to sli one XFX 9800gt with a six pin connector and an eco friendly xfx9800gt (without the six pin connector)?

    Has anyone had success with this?
  3. Oh.

    It's possible. The 9800GT ECO is just one that has had its clock extremely reduced. You're probably better off getting a single better card than crossfiring two weak ones.
  4. Why is it people still don't get it. Cards no longer sync clocks any more since the 177 days when it comes to sli. The clocks are defined in the bios and the card continues to run in those clocks in single, dual, tri, as well quad sli. Tells them of first generation sli being able to sli up to 32 gpus they go bull sh^t then takes out a $400 alchemy board that has 8 VSA-100s on it.

    You need to test each card in single configuration to rule out one being an issue. Second while you are at it tell us about your psu since any thing can have that wattage hell I got light bulbs with that rating also got a 700w DC to AC inverter that runs off 12v batteries.
  5. tried both 1100, 500 watt power supplies

    the 500 has a fuzzy gross sound, but graphics look good and with the 1100 it just has an annoying buzz sound
  6. BUMP:

    System Specs:
    1100 Watt PSU
    2.7 intel GH processor
    Nforce 750i Mobo

    and 2 xfx 9800 gt in sli

    okay ive tried a different sound card but this one was like 16 bit and my games require like 32-64 bit sound. So the sound was crackling and was of poor quality

    Maybe the two cards are taking to much power away from my motherboard. My motherboard is trying to compensate for the sound but it just isnt working and thats why i am getting such a crumby sound duing my 3D intensive games.

    Would it be a good idea to buy a sound card? If so, what sound card should i buy?


    Is there someway to set the power usage of my sli 9800 gt 's so that my sound wont be crumby during the most instense 3d graphics?
  7. Well you did complain of having coil squeal with you psu's. As for sound either RMA the board or go look for a Audigy sound card since they have their own filtering stages and processing. Also check the cable leading from your system to your speakers you have have a grounding issue. What model is your cpu?
  8. intel e5400 2.7 GHZ processor

    it only seems to be during 3D Rendering, it doesnt happen any other time, only under the most intense scenes.

    For example, When i play call of duty 4, uav callouts and stuff like that are just awful sounding.

    Its like my sound cant keep up/handle the graphics..
  9. More specifically the games i am using to benchmark my computer are:

    Napoleon Total War.
    Call of Duty 4
  10. Do you have any warranty of return value on your PSUs as well as your board? Since you got an obvious electrical issue with either the board or the psu perhaps both. First try to really rule out the psu making the coil squeal and not some other component. Here is one other suggestion open a ticket with XFX and ask them questions regarding the audio issue it may be grounding.
  11. the same problem occurs with both power supplies (i have tried an ultra 500 watt psu and also a 1100 watt psu), It never happens when listening to music or playing video and never happens on one card or the other (separately or one by itself)

    and it ONLY happens when i am in the middle of intense 3d gaming
    e.i. call of duty 4.
  12. also, i dont believe it is a coil squeal. its more of an in-game fuzzy muffed/terrible sound

    For example while playing call of duty the guy will say uav is online and it would say it but it is of a nasty fuzzy muffed-nasty sound
  13. OK I will say this for now that the PSUs are ruled out so it comes down to the board. Can you give the model # of the board as well as the two units so I can search for known issue related to them?
  14. Well if the system is stable and with out any other issues I would go ahead and purchase a discreet audio card.
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