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Sound card to get.

Hello, I had a post earlier about getting speakers + a sound card for under 220$, I ended up getting some free altec speakers so that isn't a problem anymore.

I currently have a tritton ax720, which I bought when I used to solely play 360, and it also happens to work with a pc. The problem with it for me is that its kind of uncomfortable, and it has a big adobe decoder box for the 5.1 that is kind of annoying.

So I was looking at the sennheiser hd 555 which i can get for around 100$ and a clip on mic for 10$

That leaves me with 110$ for a sound card. I was recommended the Auzentech forte, or the Asus xonar d1 or DX (Whats the difference there?)
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    Here's a technical chart for hardware differences.
    They are both very good products.
    I have a Forte and love it!great sound thru headphones.
    Another card which isn't on the chart but is very good for the price and features a seperate headphone amp.
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