32" LCD panel fuzzy through HDMI

Hi everyone. I just bought a Sony Bravia 32XBR9 on clearance for $500. (Last year's model.) To hook it up, I bought Audioquest's Forest HDMI connector.

I got home, took it all apart and hooked it up to my EVGA GeForce GT 220. Yeah, it's a low-budget card but I don't really scream money right now. Anyway, I set the TV presets to "custom" and tweaked around a bit with sharpness values, etc. It's running 1080p currently.

Now here's the problem. Text is fuzzy, but it's hard to tell "how" fuzzy. It for the most part just looks like everything is a bit smudged, text is the most affected. For the most part the fuzz seems to be vertical, where it's carrying up and not crisp.

Any advice? This is my first time working with large video equipment so I'll take your advice like a sponge. Please, if you offer monetary requirement advice keep it on the cheap. I hope to get a 5870 in a few months, or whatever is semi-affordable after I have recovered from the $500 expenditure of the TV.

Anyway, thanks again for your advice!
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  1. What are all the outputs of your video card? VGA HMDI DVI?
  2. Yeah. I tried hooking it up from VGA -> VGA (my TV does not have a DVI input) and it looked very bright but not as crisp as the HDMI input. I have also tried reducing the level of sharpness but to no avail.
  3. Hmm, sorry I dont think I will be much help.. I had used a VGA cable on my older 40' Sony Bravia and it looked great.
  4. I don't know if this helps at all, but red text against anything looks EXTREMELY smeared and blurry.
  5. Still interested in finding some advice/help for this.
  6. Bump, coming up on 30 days soon...
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