AMD 8-core Bulldozers to use AM3 socket?

I bought a Core i7 930 and an X58 motherboard, should I have gotten an AM3 motherboard an AMD CPU and waited for the 8-core bulldozers to come out next year? Will the bulldozers outperform the Core i7's?

LGA1366 is a dead socket, AM3 may or may not be.

Will the bulldozer chips use AM3 socket motherboards? Or something like AM3+ or AM4?
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  1. We dont know much about bulldozer yet, they might work in Am3 sockets, they might not. Eventually AMD has to move to a radically different socket to support additional CPU features. They might out perform i7's they might not, if they dont AMD is in trouble, so hopefully they will.
  2. 8 core? I guess that depends on what you mean by core now doesn't it?

    Rumor says there is an AM3+ coming. Should be ok with AM3, and even some AM2+ combos MIGHT work as well. As Hunter said, they will have to do something semi soon if they want to do some things. As for performance, nothing is known at this point. I'm not sure they even have working silicon at this point, though I think I read recently they just started sampling to partners. (might have been the new 6xxx cards though.) IF BD does come in its current form, I doubt it will be much faster then what they already have. Because of how AMD is planning on calling a "core", a "quad core" in some cases might not even be as good as the current line up.
  3. I saw a article that AMD will be releasing the beast in 2010 ahead of schedule.
  4. the first fusion should be here in 2010, but bulldozer is just scheduled for prduction in 2010 with availability in 2011
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