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Asus P8P67 PCI Simple Communications Controller missing driver

pci simple communications controller
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  1. Last time I saw that on an Asus mobo, it was my modem (for which there are no Win7 drivers). Do you have any PCI cards (not PCI-E, but simply PCI) installed?
  2. i only have a graphics card which is pci-e-all other slots empty
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    Intel Management Engine Interface, you'll find it in the Download section, under Utilities
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  5. To solve that problem, I found I had to use the ASUS provided Driver CD that came with my P8P67 Deluxe. The problem occurs when on initial OS install you try to use the latest drivers on the ASUS site for everything, and avoid what's on the CD. The problem is, you can't. ASUS so far has not provided an updated driver for that device. I went through the exact same thing, trying to install the latest drivers for everything. And it worked, all except for that device.

    So get out the CD, run the autoplay and choose intall Intel Rapid Storage Technology from the menu. Fixed. After that I chose to disable/uninstall it...
  6. yes, i solved this problem tha same way too.
  7. I installed all the drivers from the disk supplied with my P8P67-LE and I still have this problem... "PCI Simple Communications Controller" is unrecognized. What have you guys found to fix it?
  8. Go to Intel's site. Search the driver database for Intel Management Engine. Download the newest driver for your OS and install it. Problem solved.

    You can also get the newest chipset drivers from Intel's site as well. They're under Chipsets/Desktop Chipsets/Intel 6 Series Chipset in the Download Center.
  9. I had the same problem of missing asus pci simple communications controller.

    Go to Google and put a search in for Intel® ME 8: Management Engine Driver

    You will find that this is the missing drive Mei meaning Intel management interface. Hope this help
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