Upgrading my Q6600&8800gtx System

Hello everyone. Just looking to get some feed back on my new rig and have some questions as well. I am upgrading my system which consist of a Intel q6600 i had clocked at 3.9ghz, an ASUS X38 Maximus Formula, Corsair XMS DDR2 1066, XFX 8800GTX, Ultra X3 850w PSU, Creative Labs X-Fi Platinum PCI sound card. I already upgraded my case to a Cooler Master ATCS 840 which I really like and im not upgrading. I also have a water cooling set up which I put together myself on Frozencpu.com, It has a DangerDen Cpu waterblock and dual 120mm radiator, swiftech pump all with 1/2in lines. Im not sure if the 775 waterblock will fit the new 1366 socket so if any one knows let me know. I am also going to keep my sound card which I really like and dont think it makes sense finacially to upgrade to one thats basically the same but with PCIexprees x1 interface. Im upgrading my PSU so I can give it to my dad, he wants a modular PSU and doesnt want to buy a new one, but here are the rest of my components I am upgrading to

Intel Core i7 930 2.8ghs LGA 1366
Gigabyte X58 UD3R socket 1366
G.SKILL PI series DDR3 1600 tri channel
XFX 5870 HD

Let me know on my choices, im still trying to get the best system on my low budget. I have a WD 1TB 7200rpm HDD that my brother gave me that I will be using. I am going to get a Velociraptor 600bg when they become availible their sold out on newegg.
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  1. Looks really good to me. Whats the CAS latency on the RAM?
  2. 7-8-7-24, I think
  3. Looks realy a nyc rig....but i doubt about gpu.....as you mentioned u r using 8800 gtx.....u must hv not been playing very high def games......if dats d case and u wont play dem in future either den i think u shud go with 5850 or 5770 and use the money saved to get additional Ram or a better cpu.

    Moreover u didnt mentioned what is ur main intention to do with this rig. As u hv included 5870 in ur list, i feel dis is gonna a gaming rig. So u dont need a vry good cpu but other things. Try investing more in display and get urself a 3d display and instead of 5870, nvidia gtx 470 (I knw its slower den 5870...u can go for gtx480 which is more powerful den 5870 but costs slightly more).
    so gud luck....hope my advice benefits u
  4. @ shishir He has a 5870 on his build. So GPU isn't an issue. I'm kind of at a loss. The dude is going to be using an X58 motherboard, with an i7 930 @ 2.8 GHz. Coupled with a 5870 everything he is upgrading will carry him well into 2011.

    Also it has been proven time and time again, that the GPU is the single most important component in a gaming rig. He won't experience a bottle neck at the CPU until long after 6000 series is released imo.
  5. I think Shish meant that as he was using a 8800GTX before then the games he was playing are probably not that demanding.

    Though actually the 8800GTX is still pretty good and besides, a new rig is for the future, who knows what games he will be playing.

    If the rig is for gaming, then stick with your 5870 that is for sure, the 470 is just not worth the price performance wise, and even less so design wise (heat, noise power).

    Also, if the rig is for gaming, personally I would drop the i7 and get an i5 750 and a P55 motherboard. THe price difference between X58 and i7 + triple buffer RAM is alot, meanwhile gaming performance is nearly no different. Both will last you well into the next round of CPU technology, at which time neither socket will be used, so no point in 'future proofing' with a 1366 socket (i7) and as there is no real point in the i7 for gaming either it is just money you do not need to spend.
  6. If you have a 1 TB hard drive for storage, you really shouldn't spend $280 on a Velociraptor. You would be much better off spending that money on getting an SSD, which will offer much faster boot times and load times than the VR.
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