Ssd useful only for boot?

i do alot of photo editing and moving at least 100GB of data per photoshoot I do and from what i heard, a ssd will speed up my workflow however moving such large amounts of data constantly will kill the ssd. am i correct to assume that with current tech ssds are best suited just for programs and boot and not constant back and forth of large data moving.

i hate to buy a relatively expensive piece of tech only to diminish its lifespan faster than normal
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  1. Get an Intel 520 SSD. it has a 5 year warranty :)
  2. The typical solution is to use an ssd for your operating system and software applications. Use a hard drive for your images. Use a third drive as a scratch disk. The scratch disk can be either an ssd or a hard drive.
  3. images are already slow to load in Lightroom and I wanted to speed things up.

    hmm scratch disks, havent thought about that one. how do you dedicate one in an OS?
  4. It is best to have a separate physical drive with no applications on it for a scratch disk. Professionals will usually use 3 separate drives in their systems.

    BTW - I tried Lightroom. I was not impressed. Might be okay for catalogs/folders with thousands of images.
  5. does windows use scratch disks? or are we talking specifically about adobe here
  6. This thread is about Adobe products. In most Adobe products you can specify that a scratch disk be used and choose the scratch disk settings. There's all sorts of useful information in the Adobe forums.
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