Best price/ performance cpu in 2010

JUST choose and say your reason and longevity.
like this :

1:1055t =in 200$ you have six-core and it's best for encoding-rendering and is good for gaming in high resolution overclocks nicely=(longevity)2years

2:920=best for gaming in low price=1 year

3:core i7-875k=in 320$ is best for heay multi threaded application and is best for gaming and it costs lees than i7-930(all system with main board and ram and .....)and overclocks nicely=2year

plz don't fight together. :non:
if not the thread will close.
thanks. :D ;)
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  1. I would have voted for the Athlon II x3, its a great value and does quite well in gaming. Since that wasnt an option i picked the 860, the 750, and the 630.

    860 gives you a cheaper platform to get the performance of an i7, the 750 does quite well at its price point, and the 630 because it gives you a quad that does fairly well at a low price and doesnt impose a CPU bottleneck so you can make a cheaper system and still get great performance.

    As for longevity, i would say everything on your list has a lifespan of atleast 3 or 4 years of good performance before they need to get upgraded, but most people here would end up upgrading before they need to anyway so lifespan doesnt matter much here.
  2. thanks very good answer.
  3. I definitely have to go with the Phenom II 925 on this one. It gives you almost all of the performance of an i5 or i7 quadcore for far less money, you end up with a cheaper platform, albeit slightly, and clocks to 3.8-4 GHz consistently:
  4. erm, can i vote x3 440? best cpu on the market for the money by far. you have a pretty fair chance of unlocking it into a athlon quad, so thats nice. you have a lesser, but still possibility of unlocking it into a phenom II 945. thats really nice value. on top of that, high clock speed, good core count, amazing price, and a whole bunch of things about it. think, just at stock, not even considering unlocking into quads, you can buy 40 cores for the price of a 975.
  5. I voted Athlon II X4 630, gives you 90% of the performance of Phenom II at a fraction of the cost. lol
  6. I also voted for the X4 630. $100 quad-core. Nuff said. I voted for the i5-750 for it's the best gaming CPU for the money, and probably the best Intel chip on the market. I also voted for the 1055T as well since it's a hexa-core for $200.
  7. if a cpu that you want is not here,say it.
  8. Alfred_i said:
    if a cpu that you want is not here,say it.

    I'm going to be the third person to say Athlon IIx3. I'm saving my vote for when you add it.

    The x3 is very well reflected in performance. The advantage of L3 cache is overrated and the 440 is 3.0GHz for $75. Literally 3/4 the price of the Athlon IIx4 2.9GHz for 1 less core and a 0.1GHz speed increase. Hence my vote for the x3 over the x4. I am talking in general, since you didn't specify for what use. The only reason I got the x4 620 is due to a very slow market adoption for the x3 in Canada. I still think it's hard to find up here.

    On another note, why are you allowing us to select multiple answers?
  9. ares1214 said:
    think, just at stock, not even considering unlocking into quads, you can buy 40 cores for the price of a 975.

    *shudders at the thought of trying to remove 2 cores from an x3 to get a total of 13 and 1/3 CPUs*
  10. I would have picked an i7 920 over the 930, but that's because I'm considering gaming. I chose i5 750, i7 930, and Phenom X4 955 (would have chosen 965 but it's close).

    Why? They all perform very well in games, and are decently priced.
  11. why would you pick the 920 over 930 and the 965 over the 955?
  12. ares1214 said:
    why would you pick the 920 over 930 and the 965 over the 955?

    Well I suppose you have a point... I should say the 920 over the 930 and the 955 over the 965... Because in both cases it's basically the exact same thing just one comes with a small factory OC. I'm not afraid of overclocking so that doesn't really factor in, therefore all that's left is the price. So the cheapest solution would be the way to go.

    I only chose an i7 at all because the X58 chipset has a slight edge over the P55 in some cases, so I figure it's worth giving a nod to the i7 920/930 but otherwise I would have gone with i5 750 and then X4 955, and X6 just because it's decent enough for gaming but has 6 cores for other stuff and is still a great price compared to, say an i7 860 which is Intel's next over an i5 750.

    Note that I do not know enough about the Athalon X4 to give it a nod.
  13. i mean, prices might be different else where, but on newegg, the 930 is the same price or cheaper than the 920. so you pay less and get an extra multiplier. then with the 955 vs 965, the 965 costs more for nothing useful, as the 955's multiplier is unlocked anyway, making the 955 the better buy.
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