Can I RE-Format a Seagate GoFlex Home 2 TB

I was wondering if I could change or install or re-format and install a different opperating software or something thats better than what comes with the seagate goflex home 2Tbytes to something else??? that works with windows7, vista, for file sharing over Wireless/Lan and have WEB access,, to the NAS to for all of these things... AND DO backups and downloads from IPad too with IOS 5.1 WITH file sharing and BROWSER ACCESS....

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  1. yes you can format it for any filesystem NTFS, EXT4, etc and install whichever operating system as well.
  2. Thanks,
    I'm not quit that good with this kinda stuff, but i,am somewhat computer savey just wondering what would be good system to install and how do I install it...maybe know how web page something that would be kinda simple but safe for me to access files when I travel with my IPad and use as a regular filing system for home use, thats secure
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