Dual monitor, no gpu fan

well my gpu has a dvi slot and a vga slot. i tried installing an additional vga monitor on the dvi slot using and adapter. well about 15 minutes after i turnd on the computer, i smelled burning. after, i realized my exhaust fan wasnt working. so i swapped it for another one. after i turned the computer back on, i realized the probelm was that the gpu fan wasnt turning on. even with only one monitor, the fan doesnt turn back on. any suggestions?
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  1. The fan likely died a while ago, generally in dual monitor mode GPUs wont clock back down to their 2D clock rates so they will run much hotter, my 4850 idles about 10C hotter in dual screen mode, its likely the additional heat that made you smell it.

    You have a couple of options, you can try to replace the cooler on the GPU, add an auxiliary fan onto it to try to keep it cool enough, or replace it which is probably the best option. What do you use your system for? If you dont need much GPU power you can get some decent cards for quite cheap.
  2. i use it for some gaming, i did get a new vga cooler, hopefully it should work
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