CPU Cooling for ntel BX80613i7980X Core i7 980X Extreme Edition Proces

What is a good cpu liquid cooling products? have any tried the Corsair CWCH50-1 Hydro H50 CPU Liquid Cooler? My computer build is going to be mostly for programming, heavy gaming and heaving graphics / animation?
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  1. If you arent going to be doing a custom liquid cooling loop you are better off getting a good air cooler like the thermaltake Frio rather than a self contained liquid cooling system like the H50.
  2. Why is self contained liquid cooling system is not good to use?
  3. Because of teh low volume of liquid for one. They are not able to push as much through and don't cool as much, even though some people swear by them. In reality, benchmark after benchmark has shown that high end air coolers like the Prolimatech's and such are able to cool even better, especially when set up in a good case airflow/
  4. The self contained ones are much smaller, a good liquid cooling system would have 2 or 3 fans on a much larger radiator allowing it to get the liquid much cooler before it sent it back in, it would also have a better pump in it giving you better flow so that it keeps cooler liquid in the water block.
  5. thanks for the information
  6. what is a good company to go with for the Radiators, pumps, water blocks for the cpu, gpu and the ram
  7. Self contained liquid cooling systems are good for mid or smaller sized cases that don't have a lot of fans for airflow. For full tower cases, good air cooling works just as well as the H50.
  8. ace700 said:
    have any tried the Corsair CWCH50-1 Hydro H50 CPU Liquid Cooler?

    I have.
    Depending on how it's configured an H50 will perform 10º-20º better than the stock 980x cooler, which doesn't fall too far behind higher end air coolers itself.
    Full blown water-cooling will definitely do better, there's a sticky in the "Coolers and Heatsink " section that provides several guide links that will be of use to you, and a list of etailers to purchase components from.
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