Cannot Restore XP (Disk Read Error)

So I got a virus on my netbook, and after removing it, XP is all messed up, and I need to do a clean install of XP.

When I run the restore process, it starts to copy files, etc, does what it needs to do. Then it restarts, and when it boots up, I get a Disk Read Error, press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart. (Also should be known when system is booting up, after post I get two options: "Windows XP Setup" and "Windows Home Edition". Choosing the Setup will give me the Disk Read Error. Then selecting home edition, boots up into Windows XP as normal)

I ran a check disc and found no problems. How can I do a clean install of XP if getting this disk read error?

I tried to put XP on a USB flash drive, but couldn't turn it into a bootable flash drive because the size is 16 GB. Too large.
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  1. Installing XP from a USB stick, tutorial here:

    If a 16GB USB stick is too high a capacity, just buy a smaller-capacity one. They don't cost very much at all these days. So cheap in fact that they are lying around all over the place in my household.

    Good luck.
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