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My friend gave me his old computer case that was just sitting around at his place. It is a Cooler Master Centurion 5. Here is the Newegg link if you want to see the specs. The only thing is that the one he gave me is missing both side panels. His sister had the case originally and he did a custom paint job on the side panels of her favorite band. When she got a new computer she wanted to keep the side panels.

I plan to eventually build a new computer and was wondering how good the cooling is for this case and how large a video card and cpu cooler would fit in it. I have found the windowed version of the left side panel in the Cooler Master Store on their website for only $4.99 plus shipping. However, I have only seen the right side panel in their store once and the next time I checked it was gone.

Is this case worth trying to find replacement side panels or should I look at a new case?
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  1. It is a decent case if you plan on building a budget gaming PC, specially since it was free :). It has adquate cooling when all the panels are on. If you can find the required replacement panels under $20, it is well worth it... IMO. Otherwise, look to get a new case, such as the Cooler Master HAF 922, Antec 300 Illusion or Cooler Master CM690 II.

    The case should be fine with cards around the 10.5" inch size and will be close on 11" cards. It won't fit without modifications the 5970 :)
  2. Thanks for the advice. I will keep looking around and see if I can find the side panels. I don't have to worry about trying to fit a 5970 in the case, I know I won't be able to afford one. :p I was thinking around the size of a 5850. When the time comes to build I will be asking for advice on parts.
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