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  1. It's water-cooled, yet it hovers at 92c @ 100% fan speed. Its TDP is also ~ 300Watts. Also, the 5870 beat the 480 in Crysis, yet now it doesn't. Ned HD5970 to compare against, as the cost of that equipment is over 2x HD5870.

    No thanks.
  2. I don't think their card is water cooled but honestly those temps are not cool at all. 100% fan speeds and it gets over 90C. Imagine how fast those fans are getting heat into your room.

    Though the clocks are good and the speed is terrific but personally I am not a fan of using a vaccum and playing vidoe games at the same time.

    I don't find it fair that their benchmark doesn't include the 5870 or 5970 overclocked to a vaccum as well.
  3. Quote:
    The first group of people that will really benefit from what we'll show you today are the people that opt a liquid cooled GeForce GTX 470 or 480 as they will be in control of noise levels and get much better GPU temperatures.

    People might also fail to realize this is a $400 card going up against a $550 (soon to be $600) card. An HD5850 CF will easily take it down.
  4. Well if you liquid cool the 480 you can reasonably compare overclocked 480 vs a normal clocked ATI card of the same price range since the user won't get insane from noise levels.

    But slapping a waterblock on that thing alone cost an extra $100. So if you have an existing water cooling setup, you can add a GTX 480 with block for $650. At that price you can indeed get 5850 CF and run it at stock without breaking your ears as well. 5850 CF = 5970 at stock speeds and according to their tests the 5970 beat the OC fermi in many tests like futuremark, crysis, and the most popular title BC2.

    To be fair the ATI cards were at stock. Many ATI card can overclock quite a bit without voltage increase thus without too much heat.
  5. The point is that most people do NOT use water setups. We need to find the max we can OC FERMI and Cypress/Hemlock to a max of 95c ON AIR.
  6. No the point is Fermi just like most high end Video cards is, its an enthusiast's Card. Just like OCing a CPU, if you want to get the best of it, you go water. What they did was prove the potential OC of the 480 GTX, which is very great, and even running at 90 Degrees, it still running at Nv standard.

    If you look closely it comes very close to the 5970 in alot of the tests.

    Whether ppl like to admit it or not, the card is a powerhouse. It has its draw backs just like any card.

    And btw, performance of 2 5850s vs 1 480 isn't the point of most comparisons. Remember the card is exp because its a SINGLE gpu. Which is the price of wanting the strongest single GPU. I know there are ppl that dont like resorting to dual, triple or quad setups.

    Anyways that my 2 cents :)
  7. the amount of money u spend on PSU is so much if ur new builder and the noise, ah dont get me started and most all the surprising power bills :/
  8. Very impressive numbers, But surely this is just for benchmarking, If the GTX480's fan is anything like a 5850's fan at 100% it will drive you insane quickly.

    As already mentioned this is an enthusiast's card and anyone willing to spend that much on a GPU will likely invest in an aftermarket cooler aswell.
  9. Not only that but I just don't like it when ppljump the gun too quick. I see alot of ppl having iced i7s (which are already power hungrier than alot of CPUs) which quickly jumps watts when doing the slightest oc.

    So frankly it just seems very contradictive to say u are thinking about the bill yet...alot of ppl are pumping 4.0. 3.6 etc.

    This isn't directed at any1 just food for thought.
    Anywho I always like playing devil's advocate alot of the time. Ppl seem to create a grudge which is like rumours or gossip ( like celebrity ones for example), which then turns ppl away from the product. I see the nvidia hate as a trend...just like the ati hate a couple of years back.

    It will all pass:)

    again 550$ gpu=enthusiast=willing to spend and deal with consequences lol :P
  10. I hate it when people say "you should have brought a xxxx" Let people buy what they want, there money, there life.

    Really gets on my tits : /
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