Memory slot might be messed up; need some help

My motherboard:

The memory I have in my comp right now:

I bought my first stick of memory when I bought the mobo (November), and now I'm trying to install another stick of the exact same memory (the same one I linked you to). I bought the wrong memory earlier in the week and tried to install that (a Kingston ValueRAM ), and the computer refused to boot. So I am going to return that.

The thing is, the stick that I have in it now I have in the leftmost memory slot (the one closest to the processor socket). With the second stick of the Patriot memory stick, I tried to install it in the second slot. It could not read it, and it kept saying I had 2GB of RAM when I should've had 4GB. I tried to reseat it, and still nothing, and I looked all over the web to see what I could be doing wrong. I have a Phenom x4 64 bit processor, and I'm running the 64 bit Windows 7.

The reason why I know it's not the memory stick I just bought is because I tried the new stick in the first slot, and the system was able to read it properly when I went into the ms-whatever it was (I can't remember what exactly it was called, but it showed your system information) and it said the installed memory was 2GB with the new stick in there. I then put the new memory stick into the other slot, with it being the only stick I had in my comp, and turned it on. The comp came on, but the system refused to do anything. When I installed the other stick (after confirming both work correctly), the comp just didn't come on, which worried me because I usually know what that means: problem with the power supply.

What also worries me is that this is showing that it could be what I think this might be, though I'm unsure as to how it could be: that two memory sticks would count as overclocking the PSU or be too much for the PSU to handle (it's a 600W PSU, I believe). Not sure how just a memory stick could do that, but I have that thought.

So I changed the stick again so I only have one stick (in the first slot). Now the comp is turning on and working as it did before. But I'm under the impression that something is wrong with the second slot, as it's refusing to read anything, and the CMOS socket is so close to other important wires that I don't want to try that for risk of screwing something else up. I don't know if it's just me not doing something with the mobo to have it use both slots, or if I did something to screw things up. I kind of need this additional memory, so it's something I need help with. There is one update to the BIOS that more recent than the one I have now, but I don't know what I got to do to do that or if I even should.

Looking for any help of what might be going on.
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  1. Apart from the board being faulty, since it sounds like it is starting up fine, you could try resetting BIOS. When the system goes through post what does the system report of memory?
  2. How would I reset the BIOS? The way I was talking about that could be a pain to do with the way it is?

    And I'm not sure what it said. I don't think it even said anything about it, since I never saw any way to access that info in the BIOS setup screen (it's American Microtrends, though it's not an official mobo they have BIOS updates up for, apparently).

    I'm hoping it's not the board, because it's been pretty good to me up to this point (and I'm hoping that doesn't mean I have to replace the whole board).
  3. Resetting the BIOS is easiest by pulling the motherboard battery out for a min and then put it back in.
  4. rolli59 said:
    Resetting the BIOS is easiest by pulling the motherboard battery out for a min and then put it back in.

    I can't find the battery on this mobo. The manual doesn't mention where it is (couldn't find it anywhere).

    I reset the CMOS, and not only did it not fix this issue, but now some of my taskbar icons are missing. It's showing that the program is there, but it's they are just showing an empty slot. Not sure what I did to cause THAT!

    EDIT: Forgot to say this, but when I booted up, it was saying that it was running in single channel even with both sticks in the computer, as I have right now even though the memory module is refusing to function (might as well only have one slot).

    Also, I'm thinking about just switching mobos since I've had issues with getting the rebate for this mobo and it seems to be discontinued (plus it doesn't have a PCI 2.0, which my video card is and the normal messy tech support and garbage that would make anyone think twice about buying something from them). I'm thinking about this one: . It's got everything I want, but I want to be able to run more than one stick. That's all I really want it to do right now apart from the normal stuff.
  5. Anyone?
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