Ssd sale price just went down to $0.50/GB

Tom's Hardware often posts a link on the home page to a daily deals article listing sale prices for pc components. The listings are obtained from Logic Buy. That site has a separate sale page for drives. Today they are listing an OCZ Agility 3 120GB ssd for $59.99 USD. That's right at $0.50 per GB. Here is the link to the page:

Scroll down the page to see the deal.

It wasn't that long ago people were swearing they weren't going to buy an ssd until prices dropped to $1.00/GB.
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  1. I just bought a 360 Gb Agility 3 and was having second thoughts. I was holding out for a Samsung 830 but the price got me. With firmware updates, is the Agillity 3 still a good choice?
    NCIX $261.36 CAD delivered Taxes & shipping
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    Yes. Make sure the Agility 3 is on firmware version 2.22 and your motherboard BIOS on version FH and you should be ok.
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