Need help in just getting a typical browsing computer!

Hello everyone again. I've been thinking on getting a computer for my dad and I guys need your help!

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Would be this week or during all this Summer.

SYSTEM USAGE: This build will only be for browsing nothing else, so the computer doesn't need to be fancy.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: The parts I don't need would be the monitor, keyboard and mouse, and a tower. (The tower is by 15.5 - L, 7 - W, 14.5 - H so please can somebody tell me what it's suppose to be refered to : D).

BUDGET RANGE: I'm not sure...since it's going to be just browsing, surprise me.

PREFERRED WEBSITE FOR PARTS:, most definitly the place I look at for the best prices

COUNTRY: Would be the United States of America

PARTS PREFERENCES: Not sure...I guess an Intel Core Duo or something that will suffice for browsing.

OVERCLOCKING: No overclocking for me, don't want to risk it.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I want my fathers computer to be able to browse and just browse (since that is the only thing he does on his laptop, and that's pretty much it.) Thanks for viewing my thread.
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  1. In all seriousness have you considered looking around at pawn shops, or god forbid a local electronics store (shudders at the thought). If the pc is strictly for browsing just about anything that is less than 5 years old will work just fine. The cheapest you're going to be able to build a rig for would be 400-500$. Lots of times you can find something for 100-150 at a pawn shop, or 300-400 from Walmart/BestBuy/Office Depot.
  2. ~Mobo
    There you are, a -300$ build that has 2gb ddr3 memory, a mini atx with crossfirehybrid-able, so if you want to upgrade it should be easy enough without getting another pc in the next 2 years. Also I don't know, you have an OS or you need one included with price?
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