MY FIRST PC!!! need help please

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  1. Recommendations:

    CPU/MOBO Combo: - Newer CPU & Better MOBO
    HDD: - Cheaper, bigger and faster!!
    RAM: - $20 more but worth it... IMO
    HSF: - You don't have one listed but I would recommend one, so you can overclock that CPU!!
  2. i wont be overclocking so would that hsf really be necessary?? and besides what you mentioned the computer is pretty good? im also trying to aim for a comp under 1200 or 1250 AT MOST i really dont have toomuch money atm lol. also that vid card i listed is it good? will mainly be playing bfbc2,mw2,new fps that eventually come out!,blizzard games(d2,sc2,future wow) your thoughts kind sir?
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  4. I'd have to recommend that build. Very nice choices, if you have the money to just go for it. I have the hard drive and case, and Corsair PSUs are said to be the best.
  5. whats the difference between i5/i7 ??? and its the gpu that makes games better right?
  6. For the most part, yes, the GPU should be the thing you spend the most money on for a gaming build.

    Aside from being on different sockets, the primary difference between the i5-750 and the i7-930 is that the i7 has hyperthreading, which is a cool feature that doesn't help you at all while gaming. It's useful for rendering/transcoding/editing, but doesn't do jack for gaming.

    Here is a comparison of the i5-750 vs. the i7-920. While the i7-930 is a little faster, I wouldn't expect it to make too much difference. When you consider that an i7-920/930 build is going to be about $200-300 more expensive than an equivalent i5-750 build, you realize that it's not really worth it for a pure gaming machine.
  7. Yes most games are GPU dependent exept some like GTA and some others.

    i5 is generally lower end than the i7 and the i7 9xx uses s58 chipset and 1366 socket
  8. so in general im wasting money on the i7 if im just gunna be doing normal stuff aka
    more gaming
    lol i dont need an i7 is what you guys are getting at! i just figured i would go for the highest cpu so i didnt have to upgrade in the future. tyvm for the replies so far more would be even more delicious!!!
  9. a better cpu will perform better on other activities though like winrar and multitasking as the i7 has hyperthreading. And the ram of an x58 chipset is also much faster since its tripple channel.
  10. +1 ^ i5-750. It's awesome.
  11. If you aren't big into video editing, CAD, CS4 type work and are truly just gaming and internet usage, drop Intel and run with the Athlon II X3 440 & an AM3 890GX board. It will cut $150 off your total with little loss in performance.
  12. If you're just gaming, websurfing, and maybe emailing or watching a movie or something, there's no reason to get any processor more expensive than either an i5-750 or a Phenom II 965 BE. Even those might be overkill in some cases.

    I'm not sure that I buy that triple-channel ram is "much faster" than dual-channel. I would be surprised if it was noticeable in day-to-day activities. I'm sure it shows up in benchmarks, though.

    @fatjoebro, don't let me talk you out of an i7 if you really really want one, but for what you've said your uses will be, I don't expect that you'll see any performance benefit by getting an i7.

    EDIT: Got distracted and didn't finish this up. I have to agree with tecmo. If you're on a budget, the X3 is an excellent processor. If you have a little more to spend, then perhaps a Phenom II X4 955.
  13. thanks again. ill be watching this and i might message you guys in the future if your okay with that =)
    oh and im not really on a budget i just dont wonna go apeshnap bananers on the expensive stuff.
  14. If you aren't a tight budget, I highly recommend the i5 750 build I've listed.

    Come back any time for questions or feedback.... That is what we are here for :)
  15. LINK PLEASE?! lol thanks alot guys i appreciate it.
  16. also, please put your parts into a wishlist, i dont want to click through every one thanks! and if you are going for 3 video cards or more, go for the i7 9xx. the p55 dosent have enough pcie lanes for it. but switch to a i5 if youre not and upgrade the video card to a 5850 if you can
  17. agreed. if you have the budget an i7 rocks but in this budget Its better to stick zith the i5
  18. Whether any ram sticks would improve day to day activities still remains unknown to me coldsleep. But the fact is that people pay a lot for fast sticks yet tripple improves theoretically 50percent perforrmance which is a hell of a lot.
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