Sata II adapter with a SATA III SSD?


Will a Sata II adapter work at SATA III speeds with a SATA III SSD?
I have an Intel 520 180G SATA III SSD that I am looking to use with a SATA II Icy Dock Adapter.
Will it cause a performance degrade to SATA II?

Thanks all
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  1. No, your SATA III drive will work at SATA II speeds.

    If you've never had a SSD before then you won't notice the difference anyway so don't worry about the performance degrade. :)
  2. Everything always works at the slowest speed in the chain. In this instance, since you'll be connecting a SATA III SSD to a SATA II adapter, you'll be working at the SATA II transfer rates. You won't be getting all of the advantages a SATA III SSD has to offer, but it'll still be better than a mechanical drive.
  3.,3110-7.html It's such a small difference in performance that it really isn't noticeable.
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