Crucial M4 128GB or Samsung 830 128GB?

Hi there, at the moment I'm looking for an SSD to add to my new build. I see that at the moment the Samsung 830 128GB and Crucial M4 128GB are exactly the same price on Newegg. After a quick search I'm JUST leaning towards the Samsung. What's your opinion?
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  1. Both are very good ssd's. Normally I recommend Samsung first. However, at this point I would say purchase the one that has the lowest sale price.

    Tom's Hardware usually has a daily deals link on their home page to Logic Buy which shows the lowest sale prices for pc products. Logic Buy has a web page just for drives that are on sale. Here is the link:

    Sale prices change daily and include newegg and Amazon among other vendors. It pays to be patient and check every day for the latest deals until you see what you want.
  2. if both are exactly the same price get the samsung bc is a little bit faster
  3. OK thanks very much for the replies. At this point I'm going to go with the Samsung.
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