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I figure this is the best spot to ask. :)

I'm looking to setup a media server on my older PC that I've recently replaced, it's not bad by any means it has a Q6600, 4GB ram ect ect, I want to be able to set it up on my network and save "stuff" to it to stream through to my T.V. / reciever, I know how to do the setup and all that jazz, basically what I'm after is what is the best tool for this? Just standards windows 7/8? windows media server? linux of some form? something else?

What do you all recommend?
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  1. If you are looking for a "server" - have a look on Microsoft' Windows Home Server. Apart from file serving, and media streaming, it has a pretty good feature of client PC's automatic backup - a feature which has saved by a&& at least twice. ANother good feature - it has usable remote access client, both to the server, and to any enabled client PC.
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