Not sure if my hard drive is about to fail

Hey guys, I've just built my new system 1 week ago and I have a M4 as my boot drive and a WD 500gb for storage.

I've had failing hard drives before and I know the clicking sounds associated with them...
My new WD drive makes 2-3 clicking sounds when waking up from sleep, or when booting up my computer. Is this something I should be worried about?
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  1. If you just built a new system a week ago it wouldn't hurt to swap out the 500G drive and have it replaced just to be on the safe side.
  2. usually unusual noise from can be meaning motor problems....

    If u had SMART enabled from bios, u can check smart data it will give u a signal of failing drives or u can using program like speedfan / seatool / etc to read it for u...

    (some problems like electrical can broke the drive instantly, so SMART data only for reference, it wise choice to backup data periodically)

    is your wd ticking sound same as spin up sound?

    my wd 500gb caviar blue having spin up sound when turned on but it still good for now (3 month...)
  3. Is this a green drive? They tend to park their heads a lot so that it can spin down and save power. If it's a subtle click it should be ok.
  4. No, it's a caviar black drive.

    I ran a SMART test on the drive with SpeedFan and it did just fine, its fitness and performance both scored well... The drive only makes 2-3 small clunks when I'm booting up and now I'm assuming I'll be ok.
  5. Looks like it's good to go, periodic backup important data is advised....

    (not owned WD C_Black so cannot give more advice than that..)
  6. Yep, I'll be keeping an eye on it and defragging about once every two weeks, I'll let you guys know if anything else happens.

  7. w7 will automatically defrag the drive for u periodically (I don't even know when he do it)..

    But before we side tracked...... good luck with the drive.....
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