Closing system with 5870

Hi. I ask about 2 things. Sorry but i am little afraid.

1. Could something happen with graphic card , when i was turning off computer with power buttton ? ( not system close ) Just i press button and pc without logging screen is turned OFF.

2. Could something happen , when on some try , i just press power button too long, so pc turn off and after 2 seconds he turn ON?
( cause i was press button too long )

Thx please help. I ask cause sometimes when i watching movies in full screen is freezing , with blank screen flickering . And system is very slow then.

But answer me please thx.
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  1. Hey there,

    1. no
    2. no

    BUT don't do it too often.

    If the screen freezes, try

    1. "ctrl+alt+del">start task manager>"select program name">end task>end now
    2. "ctrl+alt+del">power off/restart.

    If it doesnt work then do a "hard reset". ie "turning off computer with power buttton".

    Good luck.
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