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Hey, huge fan of the site, big thanks to all the awesome people posting on it. My question's kind of a two parter. The DX58SO is wacko with the surround sound; all was well and good before I updated the drivers (did it to try and fix Mass Effect 2 sound issues (btw, off topic, but if anyone has a surefire fix for that, I would be extremely appreciative)), now with them updated I discovered the only way to get it to work was plugging the rear speakers into the wrong slot (I'm doing quadraphonic, so they have to be in the side speaker input and then they work fine.) This is obviously stupid but not a big deal, as long as I don't want side speakers. So question the first, is there something I can/should do about this? I found a page online that said I could manually set which input did what in the Realtek audio manager, but all I could do was choose whether an input was, for example, front speaker out or line in. I couldn't, as the site described, change the inputs around completely. Second question, the reason why I care about this is for games, so should I just get a sound card? I was under the impression modern computers don't "need" them, what with the copious amounts of ram and cores (9 and 8 respectively on mine). Based on my computer, would it make any difference other than fixing the silly surround sound plug issue?

My compy
64 bit Windows 7
i7 920
4x2gb DDR3
AMD HD Radeon 4760 (1gb DDR3)
PSU is 700 or 750, can't remember what I bought after returning a bunk 650
Also, planning on buying another 4760, if that matters

Thanks for your answers and thanks for such a sweet web site!!

P.S. I have an external sound card called the Audio Kontrol 1 (it's a music recordy thing.) Is there any way I can use that for games, too? I don't know the statistics on it in terms of ram or anything, but it handles a massive number of guitar tracks, all with software distortion, delay, etc. so it's got be stacked with something. I don't expect anyone to know the answer to that, but just curious.
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  1. About ME2,I haven't had any problems with it's sound.What problems do you have ?
    About your first question,well try updating your BIOS/chipset drivers and see if it helps.
  2. Thanks for the reply; BIOS is updated, I believe everything else is too. This may be a stupid question but by chipset you mean the processor, right? I'm looking on the intel site and I don't see drivers for the i7 920 itself, just "graphics drivers"; is that what they call processor drivers?
    As for ME2, from what I've seen online it's a common problem, possibly linked to my Realtek onboard sound card. It manifests in two ways; first, I get no dialogue on the Normandy. Oddly enough, I didn't encounter any sound issues at all until my first time on it (the whole "intro" section before you get the ship was fine.) After that, it's been spotty; Kasumi's mission was fine until the battles started, now the sounds will be there for a bit then "fade out" sometimes suddenly, sometimes piece by piece but eventually I get no sound at all. Loading is also a guaranteed way to kill all sound. Switching to Stereo or rolling back drivers didn't help. I found people saying they fixed it by turning off hardware sound acceleration, but from what I understand, Windows 7 doesn't have that option.
    Thanks for your help!
  3. Also, your thoughts on sound cards for gaming rigs? Is a $40 soundblaster or something just a waste of money?
  4. No I meant the latest chipset drivers(drivers for the motherboard's chipset which I think you can find from the manufacturer's site as well)
    About your sound, are you sure it's configured correctly in the control panel ? because I had the same problem before and it was because it wasn't configured properly.I had a 2.1 headset but in control panel my sound was set to 5.1 so I didn't hear some sounds.
  5. Ah, so the BIOS update and chipset update are different! Sweet thanks, I'll update that and see if it helps.
    Yeah, sound is configured right; it works fine in the control panel (the test tone plays through all four speakers) and no other games have any problems. Just ME2, which is tragic because that game, especially the sound, is amazing!
  6. Nope, no such luck; I did need to update the chipset but it did not fix it.
  7. Is the audio configured properly in the ME2 configuration utility too ?
    If it is,then download the latest patch for the game.Hope it helps
  8. The config utility does read quadraphonic and I do have the latest patch. I just tried putting an old Soundblaster Audigy in and, remarkably, I'm STILL having the same problem. It seems... better but a lot of sounds are still dropping, especially after loading. If any other industry tried to get away with this... oh wait, they did and that's why no one bought American cars for twenty years. Guess I'll try reinstalling the game now that I've put the SB in.
  9. All's well that ends well. Silly me, I didn't try uninstalling the sound mod I had after putting in the sound card. So, the Realtek onboard card definitely was causing problems, but now with this $20 soundblaster audigy and no sound mod, it works! So this is now pretty off topic, but for anyone else having Mass Effect 2 sound issues, a dirt cheap sound card (and no sound mods) will fix them. At least, if your sound issues are the same as mine, and judging from the official forums, a lot of people are in that boat. I don't suppose I could select myself as the "best answer." Regardless, thanks for your help, Maziar.

    P.S. Unforeseen advantage to an actual sound card: streaming Stargate universe in surround sound! Hella awesome! Gonna go pour out a 40 to that show...
  10. No prob,I'm glad it's fixed now.
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