Gigabyte GTX260 vs GTS250 and GT230

I have come across a Gigabyte GTX260 for sale am thinking of buying it to replace the GT230 that came with my Packard Bell iXtreme (M3730) Quad Core Q8300, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD.

Will the PSU that came with the machine be able to accommodate a GTX260?

Also, I will be using this primarily for MS Flight Simulator X and assume that I can expect better performance than my GT230?

Some of you folks have already given me info on the GTS250, but I have now seen a GTX260 which is still within budget and I would like to hear your opinions.

Many thanks,
Cape Town
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  1. Both the GTX260 and GTS250 would be to much for your PSU. A PSU upgrade would be needed. A 500 watt good quality unit (like corsair, antec) would run the GTX260 just fine.
  2. you can purchase the ATI 5670, its a better card then the GT 230 and will not need a PSU upgrade
  3. Thanks guys for all your advice.
  4. GTS250_705Gflops,150Watt max TDP
    GTX260_805Gflops,182Watt Max TDP
    gts250 has an 8.7% performence improvement over gtx260 in pure Floating calculation performence, see it for ur price.(note here gtx260 is not any Maxcore Edition)
    (Ref_Nvidia Official, nds semiconducter inc)
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