I really need help with this sound problem.

How did you fix the problem. I have the same problem. I have an ati hd 5450 graphics card on a windows 7 x64 core i3, on a th55b hd biostar mobo. I have no sound. When i go to the sound settings in control panel, the mixer shows sound should be coming from the speakers but realtek says its playing on the Digital Output only. When i open realtek manager, every jack is greyed out except the digital output jack. Can anyone help??? :pfff:
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  1. I open the volume mixer in the lower right corner when it's crossed out in red. I just had to "unmute" both settings this morning. I have the same problem with this board intermitantly.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Nothing is muted at all. In the mixer the volume is shown to be playing. I don't hear anything but a loud buzzing or humming sound. Any ideas??? Thanx for your input.
  3. Are you using the motherboard's onboard audio chip or are you trying to use the Graphics audio solution?

    Graphics solution:
    No gaming or Windows sounds. Sound is for decoding and playing only certain audio (like Dolby Digital).

    Onboard audio:
    1) must be Enabled in your BIOS
    2) Proper drivers (see motherboard driver site) must be installed
    3) Must be enabled (i.e. "Playback Devices" linked from System Tray audio icon)

    Audio card addon:
    1) onboard audio must be disabled in BIOS
    2) proper drivers from audio card manufacturer
    3) Must be enabled... (see above)

    - the Graphic solution for audio decoding is completely useless. It's passed out through HDMI, but no only is it a partial solution, but the audio chip/card for normal sound is disabled. Considering that nobody would have the Graphics sound solution only AND that any normal sound solution will decode ALL audio through software decoders it makes no sense to use this feature. Many people think that these graphics cards with HDMI output offer full audio and it's just not true. The exception is some cards that have a "passthrough" audio which is decoded like normal on a sound card/chip, then sent to the graphics card as a digital signal on a single wire, then it's sent out the HDMI output. I think the GTX275 had this. This actually made a lot of sense as it simply took the same audio and offered it as a digital signal (mainly for HDTV's).

    *The most common setup is Stereo speakers connected with a single wire (3.5mm connection) to the Green, Front speaker output on the motherboard's onboard audio.

    Example of a good gaming setup:
    1) Auzentech Forte audio card (latest drivers)
    2) M-Audio AV40 stereo speakers
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I am trying to use the onboard audio which is realtek hd. Before it wasn't even noticing my speakers in the sound panel. Now atleast I see the speakers. Going up and down like audio suppose to be coming out of the speakers. Feeling a little more than helpless. Spent my last for this rig. In the articles i read on google, it says there's a conflict between realtek and ati hd audio drivers. Companies are selling products they have no intentions of standing by. Its alot of audio problems on the net pertaining to the realtek hd and ati radeon 5450 hd. Where are you board and chipset makers who made this crap. I should have stuck with my old nvidia 6200 and single core pentium 4. Any hoo, I'll check back but have just about given up hope.
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