Moving Windows 7 to new Mobo

Hey everybody i have a bit of a problem my motherboard was broken and ive had to buy a new one.
My computer is an acer vertion 490G and ive brought a Gigabyte P55-UD6 Motherboard (LGA 1156)
so i have to move my harddrive with windows 7 64bit pro to the new motherboard how do i do this??????
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  1. When moving to a new motherboard, it's always best to do a clean install. If you simply try to move the drive you most likely will have problems booting since all your drivers are for the old motherboard. If you got an identical motherboard to the one that died, you may get away with just swapping it. You will need to go into the bios and set the boot sequence and boot device to that drive.
  2. I have no way of doing a clean install because the win 7 came preloaded in the hard drive and its not the same board
  3. That means it's an OEM version and isn't supposed to be used with a different motherboard.
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