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Hello everyone my name is Jeff i know i posted about this before but i closed it out. My setup consists of a i7 950, rampage formula III mobo, and mushkin redline ridgeback 3x2 memory model # 998826 but with red heatsinks. My problem is that my memory will not pass a memtest or stress test in triple channel. It does affect my gaming at times it will restart randomly etc etc. In dual channel with only 4 gigs it runs everything perfectly. Passes memtest linx everything. i have re=seated the cpu, loosened and tightened my cooler, all to no avail. I even rma'ed my motherboard ram and processor. they all came back with the same issue. it fails the tests in xmp, my own settings and stock 1066 settings. Whenever i run memtest it always says the failures are at 1909.8mb i dont know if this info helps anyone Also my ram is disappearing as well. I have six gigs installed at all times and cpu-z always shows six but my bios and windows show 4. I'm hitting my head against the wall, please anyone have some insight, sorry about the double post. Any help is very much appreciated
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  1. Sounds to me like a setting on the ram thats just out of reach. Try upping the ram voltage a notch. If that doesn't work, test each stick by itself to see if you (still) have a bad one. Finally, relax the timings one notch. Remember to not exceed 1.65V on the ram.
  2. on the xmp settings it sets the voltage on the ram automatically to 1.65 volts. i ran memtest at 7-9-7-28 and 8-9-8-28 and neither one passed. at 7-9-7-28 it passed the first loop then failed on the second loop. same address of 1909.8mb, i tested all the memory in single channel on all the dimms they all passed
  3. I would say to RMA the CPU so you can have a new memory controller, but you already did that. If you're already running 1.65v, and tried 8-9-8-28, I'm not sure what else you can do. (9-9-9-28?)

    Your PSU check out ok? Maybe its sending unstable voltages? Heat on the motherboard to high?
  4. the motherboard temps are fine in the bios no problem there, power supply is good stable and everything
  5. I have had issues with the XMP setting....tried just setting the RAM speed and timings manually ?

    When setting to XMP, the Asus BIOS will OC your system which adds lots of variables to your system.......including some rather high voltages.

    1. Put BIOS Ai thingie in Manual OC mode.

    2. Set CPU multiplier to 12, this takes CPU issues out of the equation.

    3. Set RAM to speed (1600) and CAS settings (6-8-6-24) manually per "what it says on da box".

    4. Run Memtest at least 2 hours and see if ya get any fails....if ya do, move forward .... if not, let run overnight, then move to step 6.

    5. If it 1 stick at a time

    6. If it passes, set the CPU multiplier back to Auto

    7. Suggest doing the OC manually. Pay particular attention to the voltage optimization section.

    I am a bit confused about you getting model 998826 with red heat sinks ..... are you sure of that model number ? Are you sure you don't mean 998968 or 998805 ?
  6. i meant the model is the same as the black ridgebacks except with red heatsinks i didnt have the model number for the red.
  7. what operating system are you running? 32 or 64 bits
  8. windows 7 ultimate 64-bit
  9. is it possible the ram just isn't compatible with my system for some reason? had my friend's corsair dominators in my system last night and it ran memtest and linx absolutely no problem
  10. There is the vendor approved list. Check out your boards manual and see. Or just trade with your friend?
  11. the vendor approved list lists the mushkin ram under xmp that does not have the ridgeback heat sink, i emailed mushkin they said it is the same module, strange that it wouldnt work
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