Can i run GTA 4 with video card ATI RADEON HD 4800 series???

Please help me
i am desperate
i can launch the game but after the legal writings and
rockstar logo yellow/blue,

the screen suddenly turns blank and i can't acces the desktop

please anybody answer my question

Hope god bless u all and i hope anybody would answer my question

P.S : Any advice / solution is appreciated by me
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    It should run it just fine! First thing to do is to update drivers and check if there are any Patches for the game.
  2. all other games work fine?
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  4. To rolli59 : maybe you're right i should check for patches....

    To ct615 : i works just fine i have played crysis,COD:world at war,Resident evil 5,Mass effect 2,The prototype,The saboteur and it's all works fine......

    but what if my system is infected by a virus?? can it run??
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