Vertex 3 240GB or vertex 4 256gb

hi guys need help again :) im about to buy a SSD for after effects and other video and photo editing purpose where i save the files.

I am choosing from the 2 ssd's as.

vertex 3 240GB
around $250+
Max Read: up to 550MB/s
Max Write: up to 520MB/s
Random Write 4KB: 60,000 IOPS
Maximum 4K Random Write: 85,000 IOPS

vertex 4 256gb
around $320+
Sequential Reads 560 MB/s
Sequential Writes 510 MB/s
Random 4k Read IOPS 90,000 IOPS
Random 4k Write IOPS 85,000 IOPS
Maximum IOPS 120,000 IOPS

money is not important as long as there is significant improvement between the 2. If its not really noticeable then perhaps i should just go to vertex 3 or what? :)
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  1. I don't think it is worth the $70 difference. Stick with the Vertex 3.
  2. Current prices are pretty close, especially for 256GB models. Check out some excellent Prices at If you ask me, i would go with the Vertex 4.
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